Service Time:   Sunday 10:30am - 11:45am

Chaz Turmon, Youth Pastor

Wife: Heather


Sanger, California


I was raised in the church and decided to commit my life to Jesus when I was in the 7th Grade. Since then it has been an exciting adventure. I attended Sanger High for a couple years and then transferred and graduate from Immanuel High School in Reedley. After High School, I moved back east to Maryland and ended up serving in a youth internship at Grace Fellowship Church in Shrewsbury, Pa. This is really where I was hooked when it came to youth ministries. I was also lucky enough to meet my wife Heather during this time. After a year of serving as an intern, I felt called to move back home and served in another internship in student ministries at The Well Community Church in Fresno, Ca. When I was done there, I was blessed with the opportunity to be the high school youth director at Sierra View Community Church of Sanger, Ca. This eventually turned into the youth director over the whole ministry. After serving there for 3 years, God has now called me to Crosspointe and I could not be more excited to see what He has in store for me and the church!


God has truly blessed me with smart, funny, kind, and beautiful wife. Heather and I are both currently still in school. We actually met during my internship while I was back east. She is originally from Pa. As God called me back home to Ca, Heather felt called to attend Fresno Pacific University. Before her first year was even close to being done, we got engaged and then married shortly after her first year at FPU. We got married May of 2013. We both have huge hearts for the youth. Don’t be surprised if Heather or I are always taking the kids out for coffee. That is just how we do ministry.

Favorite Foods

Well since I am mostly Italian and Portuguese, I would have to say pizza, anything pasta, and most definitely garlic bread! I do also rather enjoy a good Chipotle Burrito from time to time.


I have tried almost anything when it comes to hobbies. Currently however, I am a semiprofessional cyclist.I race road bikes. Currently, I get to travel all over California and race some of the best in the nation. The one thing that I truly love about this sport is the freedom to just ride my bike anywhere. I would have to say my favorite ride is from Shaver Lake to Wishon.

What I enjoy the most about working
with youth…

Honestly, I just have a passion for youth. Seeing these kids and their willingness to want to know and serve Jesus just blows me away. I am also just one giant kid at heart so I can definitely relate to the youth a lot more. The best part of working with the youth is just getting to do life with them. Whether it’s a football game, play, or band performance, just going out and meeting these kids where they are is a blast. We get to be goofy and really just be ourselves outside of the church. It’s when we do things like this that we get the chance to really show that Christ is the center of our life both in church and outside of church in everyday life. 

What I would say to parents today…

Lead by example. What I mean is, if you are encouraging your kid to live a Godly life, or read their bibles, or anything Christ related, it all starts with you. You are the biggest influence on their life. They see you the most. If you expect them to live a Godly life, it starts with you. You too have to be showing that Christ is the center of your life. If they see that, I guarantee that they will want to do the same. Also, pray for your kids. The world around us keeps changing. I really want to encourage you to pray for them. Life is nowhere as easy as it was when I or even you where in high school.